How to decode WP footer and remove the links

Hello there,

This will be my very first post in english in this site, not just because I am such a native speaker, more because I want to be useful to those of you, all around the WEB who are looking to resolve the same issue I had and just resolved 🙂

So, I install a pretty good wordpress theme for a friend of mine, who is totally lost into the subject. Anyway the footer was fool with nasty links, not just a credits to the author, but some scam links.
I’ve tried to decode this mess using all the popular (and not so) decoders who are available online – the Base 64 decored, “php $o decoder” and some other, but nothing worked out.

So I came to a black hat forum where a guy gave the perfect solution – this I want to share with you!

The steps are simple and they don’t required any programming skills, just do the following:

  • Log in into your WordPress site and open the “index.php” file
  • Scroll down to the bottom and find this code <?php get_footer(); ?>
  • Ad above the the code <!– footer start –> and then add <!– footer end –>  below it

It should looks like this:

<!– footer start –>

<?php get_footer(); ?>

<!– footer end –>

Now save the changes you just did and open/refresh your site.  Once the site has loaded view the source code and scroll down till you see the tags you added. Copy everything between <!– footer start –> and <!– footer end –> and use it to replace the encrypted code in the footer.php and edit as needed.

Save changes and refresh and your footer should be updated with your changes.

Here we go, now you can go ahead and remove the bad links and put your own, without to brake your WP instalation

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